Making a change in laws doesn’t happen overnight.  Elected officials need to hear from you and be accountable to you as a citizen of America, our state, and our city. Until the U.S government passes federal laws against racial profiling in policing, we must attack the issue at the state and local (city) level. You can make a change individually and by joining with others. Let your voice be heard!

Know who represents you

Your Des Moines City Council members (those “at-large” as well as the man or woman representing your ward of the city)

  • Your State legislators (your state senator and representative for your region)
  • Your United States Senator and the Congressman/woman for your part of Iowa.

Reasons why you should contact representatives

  • Push for policy change – be specific about what you want changed
  • It is your right to petition
  • Speak out against injustices, like racial profiling

You can call, send an email, or write a letter.