Date of Incident: 12/16/17
Time: 10:30 pm
Age at time: 19

I was driving on University Ave heading west. I pulled right behind the police officer and we both took a left on E 28th St. When we hit the corner of Maple and E 28th St we stopped at a stop sign where he turned left and I turned right. I then looked in my rearview mirror and saw that he turned around in someone’s driveway and came behind me. I took a right on E 27th Ct and drove a few houses in my front of my girlfriend’s mom’s house (817 E 27th St). I came to a complete stop and the officer turned the corner and turned his lights on.

He approached my car and asked for my license. I asked him why he stopped me. The officer said it was my brake lights and asked for my identification. I refused and asked for his boss (Sergeant). I asked him for the sergeant three times. He said no and threatened to take me to jail. I asked him for his identification and he refused to give it to me. I asked him again why he pulled me over and he switched the whole story and said he pulled me over because 3 ex-police cars ran on the police in the last month. I said it had nothing to do with me. He continued to request my identification and I told him to look up my plates and if to write a ticket for the brake lights if that was why he pulled me over.

The officer got more irritated and told me to get out of the car and he arrested me for interference [with official acts]. I told him to go ahead and arrest me. When I stepped out of the car he tried to make it seem like I was fighting with him but I wasn’t. In reality, he was provoking me by pulling on sweater and my wrists and yanking my arms. I tried to walk to the police car but he was dragging me by my hands that were cuffed.

He then put me in the police car and I waited in there for 30 minutes. He got in the car and did something with his computer and was showing his ride along how to do stuff. He was making jokes in the police car about the incident. I told the officer that I wanted my car to be left with Jaymie [girlfriend’s mother] and the officer basically told me no and that I was going “to learn today.”

I started getting smart with the officer in the police car and by this time the Sergeant and other officers were there. I brought up why the police officer didn’t turn on his turn signal when he turned in front of me and then made a u-turn and tried to pull me over for a break light. The sergeant said he wasn’t going to deal with me and slammed the door.

When he slammed the door, I remained sitting there watching the officers continue to joke around about the incident. I waited for about 10-15 minutes longer until the paddy wagon came.

Jaymie, my girlfriend’s mom, tried to talk with the officer as well to let me keep my car at her residence and he said “He’ll learn today and people like this normally keep guns under their seat. He was lucky I let him take the baby and the car seat out. I normally don’t do that.” Throughout their conversation he continued to laugh and make jokes about the situation.

My girlfriend, Dakota, spoke with one of the officers and said “you’re only doing this because he’s black, right?” And he sarcastically said “yep, that’s exactly why”.

The tow truck driver started my car and proceeded to drive it up the ramp. Once he got it on top of the ramp, the front right tire fell off the edge and hit on the front right side underneath hard. It hit hard enough that I heard it while I was waiting in the police car. I asked the officers if they heard it and pretended that they didn’t hear it.